AsGuests Universal Mind

Miro Herak – vibraphone /SK,NL
Michal Vanoucek – piano /SK, NL
Jeffrey Bruinsma – violin /NL
Oene van Geel – viola /NL
Jörg Brinkmann – cello /DE,NL
Brice Soniano – bass /FR
Yonga Sun – drums/DE, NL

The music of AsGuests has always been balancing on the verge of the styles, bringing new sounds and combination of instruments together. Since the background is rooted in the styles of classical music and jazz, there always has been an idea to bring string instruments into their music and combine them with the jazz ensamble. The idea of bringing these musicians together and working with them as one unit is to co-create a music, that is accessible to a wider audience. The project presents every musician as a part of the ensemble as well as a soloist. The CD “AsGuests with Strings: universal Mind” was released on american record label “Origin Records” in 2011.