Miro Herak

A Slovak vibraphonist and composer Miro Herak was born in Czech Republic, but was broad up in Slovakia.

Herak’s musical upbringing and studies include playing cello since the age of six, but definitely committed to pursue the percussion at fifteen, enrolled at the Conservatory of Music in Žilina and later in Bratislava (Slovakia).

Already during his studies in Bratislava, Herak became the member of Radio Symphony Orchestra of Bratislava. Five years later, in 2000, he made the move to The Netherlands, to study Jazz Vibraphone at The Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where he currently teaches and resides.

Thanks to the experience he gained in diverse musical situations and genres, Herak is a very versatile musician and passionate performer. His playing is often regarded as virtuoso, while being sensitive and always to serve the music and the moment’s needs.

His main artistic focus lies with the AsGuests project, a collaboration with his musical “brother” Michal Vanoucek. AsGuests won two prestigious awards and recorded three albums to this date. Herak performed worldwide and shared stage with many outstanding musicians, namely, Norma Winstone, Alex Sipiagin, Harry Sokal, Yuri Honning, Eric Vloeimans, Anton Goudsmit, Harry Sokal.